Noti has delivered well over 60 million notifications to date and we have enjoyed delivering a reliable service for the last 5 years but feel it is now time to embrace new technologies.

When we made Noti, web browsers didn't support push notifications and operating systems didn't all have support for receiving notifications in a clean manner. Times have now changed and browsers handle notifications well and operating systems have added native support for notifications.

While Noti is mostly a hands-off service for us, the notification apps are all in need of updates and the backend service still requires resources to run & maintain. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to maintain any part of the service going forward and would rather encourage the use of new web notifications functionality in browsers (

From 30th April, Noti will be shut down and you won't be able to authenticate to the service and no notifications will be delivered. We recommend uninstalling the Noti applications from your computers.